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Yacon Syrup

Yacon Syrup Reviews

Ever since Yacon Syrup; a new weight loss product was featured on Dr Oz last month, it has really shaken things up. Media outlets across the globe are going insane about this new product. From fitness experts to celebrities, almost everyone can’t stop talking about this pounds shedding product across the globe. Pure Yacon syrup has without doubt hit the market by storm.

What is Yacon Syrup?

Being a natural root, Yacon can be found in every part South America. For generation after generation the root has been a natural part of the Andean diet. Dr Oz recently featured in his show as part of his comprehensive weight loss studies. The weight of the participants who used the Pure Yacon Syrup was monitored over the course of 28days and the amount lost by each participant identified.

The Yacon Syrup study


The study involved 60 participants, with each participant taking pure Yacon Syrup with each of their three meals, three times a day. As they would on a normal day each of the participants was told to continue exercising and eating as a control.

14 of the women who participated in the study lost more than 5 pounds.yacon fast burn
Rated as a combined group the women lost over 150 pounds.
70% of the women who completed the trial managed to lose weight.
70% of those women who took part in the study said they would recommend Yacon Syrup as a weight loss tool.

Yacon syrup recently became popular after it was featured by Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous TV doctor in America. He called it a “metabolism game changer” and seemed very excited about it. You can watch the episode for free here.

The point was to divide these women into 2 groups where one group of 40 women took the original syrup and other group took placebo. Placebo had the look and taste of the original syrup but had not nutrition or anything of the original.

I was amazed at the number of products that claimed to be natural, but after testing, contained many unnatural additives. Out of the dozens of products I tested. I was able to find three natural and effective Yacon Syrup products.

As for rock-solid scientific evidence on yacon syrup’s benefits, there isn’t much beyond Dr Oz’s trial. Only one small study which was published in Clinical Nutrition in 2009, and found that obese women did experience ‘a significant decrease in weight, cholesterol and insulin levels’ after taking the syrup three times a day for four months.

For people who want to lose weight would seek for ways to lose weight. They can search through magazines, newspapers, television shows and online. You can find the syrup with all of these. Indeed, it is a popular tool in losing weight these days.

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